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Welcome to Europe!

Europe is a Kaleidascope of Countries - Much like the states in the United States, you can travel all over in a few weeks and see many places. We Specialize in Customized Itineraries that let you go when and where. . .or we have many tours that will let you see a lot of Europe inexpensively by traveling as a group.

PARIS - Few cities leave the visitor with such vivid impressions, whether it's the drifting cherry blossoms in the tranquil gardens of Notre-Dame, the riverside quais on a summer evening, the sound of blues in atmospheric cellar bars, or the ancient alleyways and cobbled lanes of the historic Latin Quarter and villagey Montmartre. Few cities can compete with the thousand-and-one cafés, bars and restaurants that line every Parisian street and boulevard. The variety of style and décor, cuisine and price is hard to beat too. Traditional French food has become increasingly innovative and the many ethnic origins represented among the city's millions have opened eateries providing a range of gastronomic options for every palate and pocket. The city entertains best at night, with a deserved reputation for outstanding film and music . Paris's cinematic prowess is marked by annual film festivals, with a refreshing emphasis on art, independent and international films. Music is equally revered, with nightly offerings of excellent jazz, top-quality classical, avant-garde experimental, international rock, West African soukous and French-Caribbean zouk , Algerian raï , and traditional chansons .

ITALY      Italy is romance. You can find it in any of the wonderful and unique cities and towns that dot its countryside. Whether you are strolling a city street or discovering a secret garden, Italy is just waiting for you and your lover to discover the true meaning of 'amore'.

VENICE -  as everyone knows, is one of the loveliest places in the world. It is a city that is found in the northern part of Italy, home of pasta and pizza. Considered as one of the most beautiful places and cities in the world, Venice is also known by different names such as city of Water and City of Bridges.

FLORENCE - Just like the lovely and serene city of Venice, Florence is also found in Italy. This is the capital city of Tuscany, large Italian region. Anyone who wants to see architectural magic or wonder should see Florence. This is home to the many minds that set intellectual fire in history like Niccolo Machiavelli. Any person who is looking for aesthetic value and intellectualism on political power will definitely not regret a visit here.

ROME - The capital of Italy remains unmatched when it comes to the sheer aesthetic domination of its antique structures and its impressive history. So it doesn't come as a surprise that Rome claimed the #2 spot on the Condé Nast Traveler's 2004 Reader's Choice Awards Top 10 European Cities.

AMALFI COAST - Amalfi Coast has a mixture of history and nature, all to discover; from the Cathedral of Amalfi, to the villas in Ravello and the numerous churches built during the historical period of Amalfi's Republic. Still more to discover the Galli's Isles in front of Positano




















Travel to the Greek islands to discover the beautiful landscapes, beaches, Greece hotels & the heavy cultural heritage. 

Greece has maintained its heritage and cultural traditions but the country caters to the modern traveler with the lure of hot sun, partying to dawn and wonderful Greek food. Athens has many major landmarks located within a rectangle for easy access. The mountainous terrain is favorable for skiing and trekking with scuba diving, snorkeling and windsurfing enjoyed along the coast and amongst the islands.

MYKONOS with it's beautiful beaches and great nightlife.


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