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If you can Dream it, we can Do it!

We had a group of 4 that recently traveled for 2 weeks across Brazil. Jetway Travels provided guidance and support with our airfare, hotel accommodations, and excursions throughout our trip. 

I can’t say enough incredible things about the experiences that we had, the delicious and rich food (seasoned so well), considerate and kind people, and the ability to explore everything from the city to the jungle. 

We began our trip in Buenos Aires, Argentina and loved the quality Malbecs and the highest quality meats in the world. April is the fall season in Argentina and a bit chilly. It was also a rainy at times, which encouraged us to explore more of the museums and exceptional food cuisines. The currency in Argentina is complex and requires a tremendous amount of cash, but it’s overall very affordable. 

From Argentina, we continued our journey to Rio De Janeiro and spent roughly a week in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve personally ever been to. It’s clean, fun, and so exciting. We loved the beach areas of Leblon and Ipanema. Copacabana is worth checking out but it seemed a bit more of touristy and less lively area. Our group was very active and climbed Two Brothers Mountain and Gavea Rock. The top of Gavea Rock was breathtaking and required 2.5 hours of daily difficult climbing/hiking. Rio De Janeiro also offered a tremendous range of safe and fun filled activities such as taking the cable car to Sugarloaf Mountain or visiting the Christ Redeemer. Overall, Rio was a magical place and I plan to visit again very soon!


We then rented a car and explored the beautiful coastline of Brazil to São Paulo. I highly recommend seeing the beaches outside of Rio and getting an opportunity to see life in Brazil. Our group never felt unsafe at any point but always considered our surroundings and limited the exposure of our valuables. 


Our second to last stop was Paraty, Brazil. Think Brazilian version of Charleston, South Carolina. It was a quaint, cobbled street, and historical water town with tons of character. It’s also very colorful snd worth capturing with your camera! We took a boat excursion for a day and absolutely loved the scenery and adventure of exploring remote beaches. This is a most-go if you visit Brazil! 


 Lastly, São Paulo was our final stop before heading back to the states. São Paulo is the largest city in South America and feels like a more spread out NYC but limited with activities and things to do. We did throughly enjoy the unique bar, fine dining, rooftop views, and food scene. Just understand this city will not offer up the outdoorsy and actitudes that other sized cities may provide. Still a wonderful and vibrant place! 





 We had the most amazing time!  Santorini was absolutely stunning, the sunset is unbelievable.  We had a great time in Mykonos.  We enjoyed our tour of Athens and learning all the history that Greece has to offer.   Thanks again for all of your help!